[EXECUTIVE] Chanel Stevens – Private CPA Coaching Course ~ FB Ads! [WORTH: $1497]

Private CPA Coaching Course

What is Private CPA Coaching course about?

This course will basically teach you the essence of promoting your CPA Offers through Facebook Ads. We all know promotion through Facebook Ads are not easy because it can be very hit or miss depending on how you target your keywords. This course will guide you through the process of setting up your Facebook Advertisement account and also help you pick the right CPA Offer to promote. It will also help you to learn how you can optimize your cost so you can make the most conversions out of a single advertisment.

Private CPA Coaching Course Curriculum:

Setup Accounts

  • Why Facebook For Business?
  • Setup Business Manager
  • Setup Business Manager 2 + Top
  • CPA networks you should apply to
  • Setup Account (No hassle Cpa network)

Finding Offers

  • Picking The Perfect Offer
  • Best Products For Facebook Ads
  • Bonus: Finding Products On No Hassle Network

Setting Up CPA Offers With Facebook Ads

  • + Landing page
  • + Fanpage setup
  • + Creating High Converting Landing Pages
  • + How To Find The Best Video & Photo Ads
  • + Setting Up Your campaign
  • + Bonus: Creating Dark posts

Facebook Pixel Mastery

  • + What Is the Facebook pixel
  • + Where to find fb pixel
  • + How to share your pixel with ad accounts
  • + Creating Custom & Lookallke Audiences
  • + Retargeting campaigns
  • + Facebook Pixel Helper


  • +How to optimize ad sets

Course Bonuses

  • + Getting Likes for cheaper CPC
  • + Making yourself an advertiser on other ad accounts
  • + Bonus: How To Never Worry About Banned Facebook Accounts Again + Outsourcing CPA Ads
  • + Tracking Tools Used For CPA Marketing
  • +Download Videos From Facebook (Easy)

Instant Campaign V1

+ Bonus: Done For You Campaign

Instant Campaign V2

+ Bonus: Done For You Campaign 2

Instant Campaign V3

+ Bonus: Done For You Campaign 3

Some Student Results:


Download Private CPA Coaching Course by Chanel Stevens:

We hope you enjoyed this course and we’ll see you in our next one!

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