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Welcome to the first of Premium WordPress Plugins post where we post quality plugins for free. Well… Not quite free but you get the point.

Our first share today is an extremely powerful WordPress Caching Plugin known as WP Rocket. Holy hell this is an awesome plugin, being able to speed up our site by nearly a WHOPPING 400% from 12 seconds down to an average of 3 seconds.

What is Caching?

Caching basically means storing a static file beforehand and later deliver this stored file to the end user. You might think, isn’t this what most sites do? Not quite true especially for WordPress sites where everything needs to be processed due to their nature as a PHP intensive content management platform. While the upside of having PHP means you can do more things with it such as of course running all of your favorite plugins, it means there is also a processing cost associated with it.  This processing cost will altogether add up, limiting the number of concurrent visitors that you can have.

Caching basically helps you eliminate that, instead of having to process every single PHP page for example blog post, it will instead serve plain HTML that has already been cached before hand. Thereby cutting down on processing cost which allows you to handle more visitors. AKA getting more bang for your buck.

Main Benefits of WP Rocket:

Honestly speaking, WP Rocket beats every single caching plugin right out of the window. The WP Rocket works right out of the box. Yes, unlike its alternative the W3 Total Cache which has a crap ton of options to configure, the WP Rocket is able to automatically figure out the correct configurations that will best suite your individual caching needs, making WP Rocket perhaps the most optimized caching plugin in existence. Honestly speaking, if you intend on purchasing W3 Total Cache’s premium support, you’re better off with this plugin instead.

It also has a very useful feature known as JS Deferring. Which basically means delays the loading of Javascripts until necessary which can drastically speed up loading time especially if your website is very javascript usage heavy like WordPress websites.

Is it the best Caching plugin?

Also, did we add that out of all the 3 most popular plugins, mainly: W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache, WP Rocket performs the best in terms of speed reduction? Yep, you heard right. It is the best caching plugin in existence that provides the most speed. For only $39 for yearly support and updates, it would say it is totally worth it for the extra amount you would’ve spent trying to get yourself a better configuration which would’ve easily costed you additional $10 – 20 monthly.

What are you waiting for? Speed Up your WORDPRESS SITE NOW!

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