[GET] Site Ranker Pro ~ Dominate Long Tail Keywords! [WORTH: $27.95]

What is Site Ranker Pro?

This plugin is actually similar to SERP Plugin that we’ve posted quite sometime ago. Except this plugin is much much cheaper and does things equally effective. To keep things short, SiteRanker Pro is a brand new WP Plugin that allows you to rank local clients for 1,000’s of highly targeted longtail buyer keywords in just a few clicks! The best part is during this exclusive launch you get UNLIMITED LICENSE meaning you can use it on as many clients sites as you like! Easily Charge clients $1,000/mo and up for this service while profiting over and over with no additional costs!

What can Site Ranker Pro do?

  • Normally to create 1,000’s of targeted pages for your clients to rank it would take tons of man hours but with SR PRO you can leverage this method in Three Simple Steps in just minutes!
  • Not only does SR Pro bring help you rank for tons of longtail keywords but it also helps your clients overall rankings as Google rewards sites with more relevant content!
  • With just minutes of work you can dramatically increase your clients traffic by sending them legitimate “foot traffic” leads that are looking to buy. Once you are driving leads like these you literally become “un-fireable” .
  • Most importantly you can charge $1,000/ month in recurring services for driving these leads to your clients and you can do it with just minutes of work while getting paid monthly!

Download Site Ranker Pro


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