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What is Silent Siphon?

Silent Siphon is a plugin that is on the gimmicky side of things. Basically what it does, is it pulls valuable content off other web pages and use them as your lead magnets instead. Think of it along the lines of this. If you’re interested to grab people to sign up for your emailing list, you need some sort of offer. So what you do, you scour the web for valuable material, once you’ve found one, you will input that link into Silent Siphon.

Then Silent Siphon will convert that piece of material into a Opt-In material that people can only access by signing up for your emailing list. Thus the name ‘silent siphon’. You’re using other people’s material for an instant lead magnet. Thus it is quite a gimmicky plugin. It can work and of course effective to a certain extent. But nowhere nearly as effective if you can come up with your own unique content.


Download Silent Siphon:


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