[GET] SERP Farm – The Ultimate Long Tail Ranking Plugin (WORTH: $129)


This is dare I say one of the more interesting plugins out there. What this plugin does is that it takes a single post that you’ve made and spins it into a thousand articles. Each with its own unique long tail keyword. Now you might be wondering, why the hell would I want an additional thousand articles for my one article for?

Literally: SERP FARM

As much as it sounds, you are literally farming for SERPs. SERP basically stands for Search Engine Result Page. Basically by mass spamming pages, you’re going to flood Google’s Search Engine Results. Now the first thing that comes to your mind, won’t this get my site penalized? Of course, it’s a thousand articles what the hell.


FYI – This is not meant to be used on your money site, you’re supposed to create a ‘dummy’ site to spam these long tail keywords on and then redirect them all to your main money site.

To properly utilize this plugin, come up with a number of long tail keywords to rank. After which, create a spinnable articles with all the syntax necessary to support all the long tail keywords you wish to rank. From there, you’ll instantly blast these articles out onto your site. Google will pick them up and you’ll rank instantly. Why? Because it’s a long tail keyword with virtually 0 to no competition. You’ll automatically rank.

Quantity over Quality

Instead of investing your money on ONE QUALITY keyword to rank, you spam a crap ton of Long Tail Keywords articles with only around 10 – 20 monthly searches. That is after all, the essence of SERP Farm. Of course no one in their right mind will rank a keyword with that little searches. So you’ll always be first. So what you’ll do is rank over 10 – 20 over of such long tail keywords. Collectively they add up to about 100 – 200 visits once you start redirecting them to your site.

Yes. You’ll need to start a ‘SERP FARMING SITE’ for this to work.

Once you’re satisfied with all the SERP traffic you’re getting, REDIRECT THEM ALL TO YOUR WEBSITE and watch your traffic burst from all the users coming from the long tail keywords you’ve ‘ranked’. 10 – 20 monthly searches per long tail keyword might not be a lot. But accumulate about 100 – 200 of such articles targeting each of these long tail keywords and you’re seeing an additional growth of 1000 – 2000 additional users MONTHLY!

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Link to their main site: http://serp.farm/

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