[GET] Learn To Master Google Rankings With WordPress [WORTH: $97]

What is Learn To Master Google Rankings With WordPress

This course will teach you how to build WordPress websites the Google way fast loading desktop & mobile websites, that get super high rankings. You will also learn how to take any brand new domain build a website and rank page 1 off google within weeks whatever the niche & competition.

Website design is changing fast even over the last 18 months SEO now starts at the design stage not after, this along with fast load times is why Google super charges any websites I design to page 1 with very little off page SEO you are about to learn more from this course than the top SEO & web design companies know.

In this course you will watch as I make a mockery of all those so called SEO gurus that tell us content is king, you need keyword tools, PBN links, thousands of different types of back-links & aged domains.

Watch as I take a brand new domain costing £6 build a website to rank in a totally different country from where I am with massive competition and bang it on Google page 1 within 10 weeks for 6 different search terms, on Bing & Yahoo it was page 1 in 6 weeks without any back-links at all.

You get to Watch over my shoulder as I design this website with very little content, I designed it to have everything Google wants to rank a website high in this day and age. This website currently has just over 100 back links which I added to give a final push to rank page 1 on Google.

What will you learn in Learn To Master Google Rankings With WordPress

1. You will learn how to build WordPress websites the right way, the Google way.
2. Learn to build faster websites from now on to leverage your online success.
3. Not all web hosts are equal sign up for a fast web host helping you reach your business goals.
4. Become an expert in optimizing image files and keywording for SEO.
5. How to analyze the results of the best website speed testing tools.
6. WordPress plugins to supercharge your website and turn it into a speedy machine.
7. Voice search is the future of Google search, lets prepare your websites.
8. Google rewards fast secure websites, learn how to secure front and backend.
9. Adding a click to call button for mobile.
10. Schema for google to rank website locally.
11. Indexing website – Google webmaster Tools.

Download Learn To Master Google Rankings With WordPress

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