[GET] Eclipse Link Cloaker NULLED V1.3.3 – Cloak your Affiliate Links! [WORTH: $77]

Eclipse Link Cloaker does what it suggest and that is that it can help you cloak your affiliate links.

Why should I cloak my affiliate links?

  • Prevent Lost Commissions – Increase click rates and prevent lost commissions by masking your ugly affiliate links into short & elegant cloaked links.
  • Improve Your Earnings – Increase clicks and conversions to boost your earnings on autopilot thanks to Keyword-Based Auto-Linking.
  • More Traffic, Less Drops – Use keyword auto-linking to present your visitor and search engines more relevant content and improve Google Rankings.

Features of Eclipse Link Cloaker:

Automatic Link Cloaking

Say goodbye to manual link creation. Just install Eclipse Link Cloaker and it will automatically cloak any external links on-the-fly while loading the page.

Choose Where To Cloak

You decide where links should be cloaked. Choose Posts, Pages and all other elements of your website to be cloaked.

Multiple Cloaking Types

Use a plain redirect, show the cloaked link inside a frame, redirect while hiding your referrer information and much more give you full control of your affiliate links.

Turn Keywords Into Links

Assign one or more keywords to any cloaked link, and the plugin will automatically scan your blog for those keywords and turn them into links. You can use it for OnPage SEO as well.

Advanced Link Statistics

Use the powerful Google Analytics integration to track clicks and conversions of your cloaked links. As a fall-back, Eclipse Cloaker also includes a basic built-in click tracker.

Easy Customization

Make all cloaked links open in a new window, add rel=”nofollow” to stop search engines from following your cloaked links, or change the cloaked URL with just a few clicks.

Easy Cloaked Link Management

Manage all your cloaked links in the user-friendly ELC Link Manager. With a few clicks you can adjust name and URL of every link or append custom HTML code for advanced use-cases.

Download Eclipse Link Cloaker Here:



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