[GET] Commission Bullseye! – Increase your Conversion Rates with GEO Targeting! [WORTH: $27]

Commission Bullseye

Ever wanted to tailor what your web visitors see on your website based on which country they are from? Now you can with Commission Bullseye! This WordPress Plugin will help you create dedicated messages to countries around the world to help you personalize your web pages more towards these customers. Thereby Increasing your conversion rates!

Why you would want to custom tailor your Amazon Affiliate Experience:

Cheaper Shipping

Most people LOVE Amazon because of the guaranteed cheaper prices – but if the offers aren’t relevant to your customer and they’re forced to pay higher shipping fees, it undoes the biggest benefit people see from Amazon.

Adding this plugin to your site will let you sell direct to them at a price that beats other competitors.

CPA Offers

With Geo Targeted offers, you’ll not only be able to capitalize on GEO Targeted visitors, but if you’re running CPA offers which are GEO Targeted in nature, you’re able to curate specialized content as well as CPA Offers depending on who lands on your pages. Allowing you to maximize your conversion rates and earn more with a single campaign!

Facebook Advertisements/Google Ads

This is not just limited to Amazon or whatever, as long as you have something to promote, whether it be Amazon Affiliate Products, Marketing Products, CPA Offers or etc… You can capitalize on Commission Bullseye to bring you more sales due to correct geo targeted traffic. Or rather to be more exact, segmented geo targeted traffic instead of going about promotion in broad strokes.

Question… Do I have to custom curate for EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY?

Do I have to create different content for EVERY country in order for this to be effective?
A) Oh my gosh no! I mean, you CAN if you wanted… but Commission Bullseye has many options available – from automated Amazon ads, to country or more targeted region geo ads. The best way to find out where your time is best spent, is to check your own site analytics and create GEO alternatives for the top 5 countries – with that, you should be able to reach about 80% of your audience, which is a HUGE jump from 48% 🙂

What we think of Commission Bullseye:

That’s all. This plugin is indeed very powerful and marketers have been using Geo Targeting to create much more personalized messages to their end viewers. This is a tried and proven strategy of increasing conversion rates that you should no doubt miss out on. You should definitely use it in your marketing efforts.

Download Commission Bullseye:

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