Year in Review 2017

Wooh! It’s the end of the year already? Welcome to our little short 2017 Year in Review on some of the events that have occurred over the year and what you should do to capitalize on for your business. The people who have subscribed to our website comes from a wide background of business, from fitness, consulting, eCommerce and just people looking to escape the rat race in general. Our small year in review will give you a small idea on what has happened this year and what to look out for next year.

We will temporary stop our 3 content a day chain just for today so we have some time to write up this article!

It’s 2017 and Content is still King:

According to the chart above, Content Marketing still stands above all other forms of marketing. As the saying goes, good content attracts good links is definitely applicable in this case. Followed by Big Data which most of us wouldn’t really care. However, this shows the big impact of Data Analysis and it opens up new business models for people who are willing to offer freelance Digital Analytics Consultation.

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Digital Marketer – Analytics & Data Mastery

Not shockingly, following suit is Marketing Automation. It is becoming like a second brain for alot of things. Cutting costs and etc. With the new Industrial Revolution 4.0 signalling the era of AI, it is no surprise Marketing Automation is catching up.

What do you mean by Marketing Automation?

Relationship Marketing used to be denoted by having a specialist who handles all of the customers in their requests and needs. Now all of that can be replaced by automation. Heck, there is even a Sales Funnel built exactly for this. It’s called a Sales Automation Funnel, or a Relationship Funnel. Which you can take a look below. Relationship Funnels are vital to securing high ticket sales and everyone knows that. Which is why Marketing Automation which seeks to simplify this process is gaining strength and popularity

Funnel Bots – Multi-Channel Funnels

On the topic of Marketing Automation…

Facebook has also ‘recently’ came up with a ChatBot API for their Messenger Platform. Allowing anyone to create their very own chatbot to interact with their customers. As we all know, fast response times can mean satisfied customer vs a dissatisfied customer or a sale vs an abandoned cart. It is all the more important that now TIME is worth more than anything. If you would like to learn more about creating a ChatBot and offering it as a service, check out this course we have below.

Messenger Marketing Pro


Bot Academy

Instagram Influencer Marketing now a Big Boom! – With a twist

With more and more Influencers popping up in the marketing sphere, many big brands have already taken advantage of their rapid growth to drive sales and you should too. Finding an influencer to market your products are no different compared to finding an influential blogger to promote your products in the past, but this time there is a slight difference.

Influencer Audience Base are PREDOMINANTLY FEMALE. So unless your products cater to the female market, you will have a hard time capturing the market. Not to mention finding a right fit as many influencers are coming into the market. There are also not many ways you can find out who or where these audience come from, especially if you rely on multiple influencers as duplication and cannibalism is a thing.

Regardless, Influencer Marketing is now picking up pace and it would be a waste not to capitalize on it. Running an eCommerce/Dropshipping store that sells products that caters to the female market? Make use of Influencers to promote your product!

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Content and Commerce Summit 2017


Mobile Search Dominance:

The title is quite obvious. Now more than ever, it is important for you to cater your websites to allow for Mobile Traffic. Mobile Search traffic has surged to almost 53% of all search traffic in last quarter of 2017, indicating a significant increase in mobile users. Mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop and laptop traffic a long time ago, and mobile users now finally dominated search engines.

What does this mean for you? It can mean a lot of different things depending which business you’re in. If you’re in the eCommerce business, – unless you’re on Shopify – it is an imperative that you now offer your own Mobile App for your eCommerce platform. If you’re an affiliate marketer, it doesn’t matter TOO MUCH, but it also depends on what niche you’re in. It is important to cater your landing pages to mobile viewers too, especially if you’re in consumer product categories.

Mobile First Indexing…

Google is also experimenting with Mobile First Indexing. Which means, Google bots will now index mobile pages first before your webpages that you see on Desktop. This is extremely important, so it is important that you consider AMP Implementation of your website if you seek to index well with Google Search Engine.

Ad Disruption ~ Interstitial and Pop-Up Penalty [NOW ADBLOCK!?]

Very early on in the year, Google has rolled out a penalty for Interstitial and pop up ads for websites using them. The ranking penalty while minimal, has caused a small buzz within the SEO Circles. Now, Google is setting to do something bigger, integrating an built-in adblock that seeks to completely remove all elements of ‘intrusive’ advertising. While AdBlock Plus already serves to perform this function, the number of adoption rates are surprisingly small compared to the whole group of people who uses the internet.

Now having it in built into a browser can mean complete destruction of websites relying on such methods of collecting revenue. It also seeks to destroy other Ad companies whose revenue rely on websites using such forms of advertising. It will also destroy other forms of advertising such as Pay Per Install as they rely heavily on rather unscrupulous intrusive advertising to gain profit. Good and bad definitely, but if you’re using any of the above, we suggest it is time for you to migrate away.

The Best for last… The Cryptocurrency Hype/Bubble:

Of course, 2017 is marked by the year where Bitcoins appreciated in value by over 1900% before experiencing a steep drop. Now of course, this doesn’t mean Cryptocurrencies are coming to an end. In fact, it has only just begun. The Blockchain hype has only just started and now we’re seeing more variants of such blockchain technology coming into fruition. The Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Ripple as well.

Ripple in particular is seeing some interesting gains. So that’s one thing to take note. The price itself is also quite resilient, so we can expect $1.00 to be the support price for now. Also, a new website has started…

CryptoKittens! A way to buy and sell kittens for profit built on the same blockchain technology that records all ownership details. Take a look if you’re interested! They call themselves Cryptocollectibles. Blockchain technology is definitely something you should look out for in the coming 2018 and invest wisely!

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That’s all we have for you in 2017 Year in Review! Thank you for signing up with us and hope that this piece of article will be helpful to all of you. We wish all of you a happy new year and may all of your new year resolutions come true! Cheers to a upcoming new year!

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