[ULTIMATE GUIDE] How to Bot Correctly on Instagram (& Make Money!)

1635 Words Guide

Before getting started with botting…

Using an Instagram bot can be a great way to gain followers. But many Instagrammars can end up screwing up their settings and this in turn results in mass banning of accounts, loss of profits and traffic. The guide below will guide you through everything you need to know about botting safely on Instagram. The tools, proxies as well as the setup. As a bonus, we will go through a VPS option as well if you intend to scale high.

We hope this gives you a great starting point and an idea on what to use in your quest to drive MASSIVE traffic from Instagram. We will not deal with niches here and your estimate of earnings vary greatly depending on what monetization methods you’re using (CPA/eCommerce) as well as the popularity of niches, saturation and how much you intend to start and scale from the beginning.

Without much ado, let’s begin the guide:



That’a all for our ULTIMATE guide to Instagram profits! Cheers to your success on Instagram!

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