Happy New Year 2020 + Tips and Some Goodies!

Before I begin, I would just like to take this opportunity and wish everyone a great year ahead in 2020! A lot of things has certainly been shaking up in 2019 and definitely serves as a prelude of what’s to come in 2020.

Search Engine Algorithms

For those in the affiliate and content marketing sector, it’s time to take note and brace yourself for the changes Google are about to make to its algorithm, and its going to be big. A friend of mine jokingly said that Google had lost control of its ability to rein the leash of its AI, and it might very well be true, Google are increasingly confident of allowing its AI to determine the rankings of its pages. Though, from insider knowledge, it would seem that the usage of AI is more catered towards trying to understand user intent in searches.

With updates like BERT being released that caters to understanding local context and RankBrain that serves to collate all of its factors together to give a weighted ranking to its results, it’s becoming clear that On Site SEO is becoming more important and relevant than ever than just purely adding quality backlinks.

After all, Google’s job is to serve relevant content backed with authority, and authority, in Google’s eyes, is determined with links, while relevance is determined by your on-page SEO.

Pinball Pattern and Rich Snippets

With Google adding a variety of Rich Snippets to enhance usability of its Search Engines, visitors are no longer looking at the first result on the website. In fact, according to a research conducted by Nielsen Norman Group, you can see that the first thing people sees aren’t the first page results anymore, but what interactive rich snippets Google has to offer.

What does this mean?

This means that Ranking for #1 position is no longer a priority anymore. Or rather, it doesn’t hold as much weight as it used to be. It also means that you should consider formatting your text to capitalize Rich Snippets. There is a great article over here on the types of Rich Snippets there are and what they do.


Dropshipping in 2019 is… a hard road to thread. Without a doubt. Competition is strong and no doubt will get stronger, but dropshipping is far from dead. If anything, it is gaining mainstream prevalence and you would be a fool to not capitalize on these trends.

If you’re looking to start on dropshipping, over here, we have a great resource that you can use to start. There are generally two camps of people who do dropshipping, the short term ones who mainly uses Advertising, while the other camp uses SERPS and organic traffic to drive sales.

Both are viable, however, if you are new with not much experience, it is recommended to focus on your website SEO as it is STILL the biggest source of income if you intend to go full-time.

If you’re looking to simply capitalize on a fad, then advertising is definitely the way to go. It depends on what angle you’re looking at. If you’re looking to start, we have a great resource on Dropshipping courses, take a look!

dropshipping courses

Below we have a great list of all dropshipping suppliers that you can take a look.

Worldwide Brands.
Wholesale Central.
Dropship Direct.
Sunrise Wholesale.
National Dropshippers.


If you’re turned off by the idea of offering not only low quality goods, but the long time horizon of shipping products over from China, Spocket might be a good option. This is a company that ships directly from EU or the USA, thus if your primary customers come from these regions, it would be good to consider this option.

Some goodies

We’ve promised some goodies didn’t we? Here ya go!

Goodies #1: Crackit Updates 2019 (OCT – DEC)

Yep, we’ve updated our crackit updates offering! If you’re our member, simply head over to the link below to check it out! Again, you’ll need to be our member to download!

check it out

Goodies #2: IamAffiliateVIP Leak

Looking for some interesting information from a paywall affiliate forum? Check it out over here! You need to be our member to download the following resource.

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