[CONFIDENTIAL] YouTube’s Content Guidelines

WARNING: What you’re about to read is a closely guarded secret. You may only use the information outlined here for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!

What is this?

YouTube is now slowly moving away from human manual reviews – well to be more exact – reducing the workload needed for manual review so they can cut cost. For this, they have invested in this powerful thing called Machine Learning. If you’ve been reading about it, the buzzword for this is ‘Industrial Revolution 4.0’ where automation will now become the new norm of our society.

So… what does that got to do with this?

No. We’re not going to share with you how YouTube ranks their content, though through years of research, we can quite definitively tell you how, but that’ll be the share for another time. For now, we’ll be focusing on YouTube’s content guidelines. If you’re into CPA or YouTube marketing in general, you’ll know that YouTube is now rolling out automated video deletion base on signals and signs that your videos are displaying.

What we’re about to reveal to you today are…

  • What are allowed on YouTube. To be more exact, what kind of LINKS are allowed.
  • Signs that YouTube looks out for in a spammy video so you’ll know WHAT TO AVOID.
  • Links that are EXPLICITLY Disallowed by YouTube
  • Types of monetization links allowed.
  • Exactly WHAT kind of VIDEOS are ALLOWED and WHAT ISN’T!

You can already imagine this is an important piece of information for YouTube Marketers who have been doing guesswork over the years. Now the exact signs are being revealed, you can now rest your case. Of course, due to the secretive nature of this share, we’re only sharing it with EXECUTIVE MEMBERS!

Is it trustworthy source? Where did you get it from?

Read for yourself and determine if it’s trustworthy.

Read the closely guarded secret of YouTube:


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