[EXECUTIVE] Jerry West – 2017 Ungagged SEO Presentation! [WORTH: $500]


What is 2017 Ungagged SEO Presentation?

Ah… well… This isn’t exactly a course per say. But it is as advertised a presentation that kind of works out like a story. It’s more of a… selling my experience on what has happened then tell you what I have learnt from it. Of course experiences are worth more and they can teach someone who is new to SEO a thing or two as well.

What will I get in this 2017 Ungagged SEO Presentation?

  • how we ranked a .info domain #1 (actually, not just a dot info domain, but a hyphenated dot info domain)
  • how that domain was weak on CTR
  • how I got too aggressive with attacking a competitor and received a C&D
  • how we made it go away
  • how we built a brand able domain
  • how we found the domains for our PBN network
  • which metrics to use and which to ignore
  • and a ton more cool stuff…

Download 2017 Ungagged SEO Presentation


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