[Case Study] How to Make Easy Money Selling ‘Optimized’ Instagram Hashtag Sets?

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What is this method?

This is a method that will be shown from start to finish where you will learn how to make “Optimized” hashtag sets that you can sell to accounts/clients that takes really $0 investment if you already have an automation tool.

This is the final product. I sold a ton of these with my audits back in the day when i was getting started. Now I’ll show you how. There’s too many niches for this to get saturated and the price is so good that most accounts don’t mind giving you $10 to $20 bucks for this.

Let’s get into the method!

It’s basically a super clean hashtag portfolio that shows popular hashtags in their niche that they can choose to target. It also compares whether they are “ranking” or “exposure” tags and provides ready to use hashtags blah blah a lot of fluff 🙂

Step 1: Generate Hashtags for The Niche

So to start first you will want to find a hashtag generator. USE A FREE ONE. You don’t have to spend money on this you just need ideas, your automation tool can probably do this for you, I just find it easier to do online.

In this example, I’ll be using the niche fortnite. I just googled hashtag generator and this was the first result so just went with it. Put your niche in and click generate.

Boom. This is what you get. 30 relevant tags in that niche. Are they the best? Probably not, but we’re not selling the best we’re selling optimized analytics that compare these tags to the client account.

Step 2: Go To Automation Tool And Analyze Hashtags

For this example, I will be using Jarvee. Most good automation tools will have a hashtag analyzer feature, I unfortunately just don’t know how to use each one, so for this we will stick with Jarvee.

Go to Tools —-> Users And Hashtags

You will see a section at the bottom called Related Hashtags. This is where we will be putting our hashtags in.

So put your hashtags into the box. Only annoying thing is that you have to take the # sign out. So just put your tags like I put mine. You can simplify taking out the hashtag sign using simple excel commands which I won’t go into. But if you’re lazy just google how to take out the first character in excel. Super simple just copy and paste the formula.

This is what you should have now:

We are now going to click Get Hashtag Info. I always check the box for scrape a minimum number of hashtags to 30, but that might be unnecessary so idk test it out. I just always get the right number of hashtags when I do that.

Now this might take a while depending on the performance of your VPS. If it freezes DONT WORRY. It happens, just wait and be patient and Jarvee will spit out the info.

You should get something like this:

That is now all the info you need to make a killer consumer friendly optimized hashtag portfolio!

Step 3: Convert Jarvee Info Info To Excel

So you want to click export all in Jarvee from the last picture. This will give you something like this:

Now I don’t have excel or google sheets installed on my server, so it was a pain in the ass the first getting this info into a sheet because I couldn’t copy and paste it right for some reason. So I’ll show you how I do it but again this might be me being bad at computers/my server before really sucked.

Do these steps:
Copy the file location from the above picture (yours not mine lol)

Open up file explorer and paste it in BUT delete the last part file name because it will just open it up again.

Hit enter and it should take you to the file location 🙂

Now you’ll need to upload that file to your excel or google sheets program. The example shown above is from Google Sheets. From there, you should see something like this:

This is very ugly and bland and provides no value for the customer. To enhance this sheet, we’re going to add some easy value for them. At least $10 to $20 bucks worth.

Make 3 new columns.

  • – Probability of Ranking
  • – Ready to Use Hashtag
  • – Tag Purpose

I will go through how to set these all up in a second. But we need metrics to compare these columns to. So we are going to add a box that includes the clients stats:

It will look like this:

Very basic information. Followers. Engagement Rate. Avg likes. Avg Comments. To get the engagement information and formula, simply type “instagram engagement calculator” into google and click anyone of them. They all give the same info, so don’t bother paying for one.

The one I’ve used below is called phlanx. It’s free and you don’t need to enter an email or anything so not a nuisance either.

Anyways take that info and put it in a nice box like I did above. We now have stats we can compare our 3 columns too. I just made some up.

So how do you get these recommendations columns that look advanced and cool? Simple excel formulas. Here is each one.

Probability of Ranking


[*]This compares the avg likes of our client to the minimum likes of that hashtag that hits top 9. I simply say that if you are higher than that there is a “higher chance” of ranking. Same thing goes with lower.

[*]$O$8 is really just cell 08 (client info) I put the $ signs (This is called Fixed Referencing)  there so when I drag the formula down it locks that data cell in place so the comparisons are right. I can’t explain the basics of excel in this post but thought’d I’d explain that quickly because it can be confusing if you don’t know.

Ready To Use Hashtag


[*]This is just a formula that adds the # character to the cell A2. So the next one would be =(“#”&A3) etc etc

Tag Purpose


[*]This is just saying that if the cell formula we made in Probability Of Ranking calculates and says Lower —> It will be an exposure tag. Higher —-> It will be a ranking tag.

[*]To be honest you don’t even need the J2=medium but it was there when I came back to make this method for you guys so not going to mess with it.


My metrics for higher and lower tags may not even be the best. It’s just to give the client a good idea what hashtags they may want to target. Again we’re selling this for less than $20 so it’s not meant to be hyper advanced.

Now when I say Ranking vs Exposure tags. I simply mean tags which have lower likes you can aim to Rank in Top 9. Whereas huge tags like #love would be exposure just to be there for a bit. In my experience it’s good to be a mix of both, more leaning towards ranking tags.

Step 4: Sell to Clients

Now if you are lazy and are thinking about how much work it is do this for every individual client, I feel your pain. That’s why you can just make one for each niche 🙂 and sell them to a whole bunch of users in that niche and just swap their metrics so it will always be valuable and personal to them. So for example the fortnite niche, just DM a whole bunch of users in the Fortnite niche.

A simple “Hey big fan of your page! I make optimized hashtags sets for popular accounts so they can hit explore, it’s only $10 do you want me to make you one?” will work just fine. Or better yet call /email them if they have business info. It’s less than $20 and people are dying to grow.

Do this in volume and it will convert trust me. I usually follow and like 2 pics before I DM. Cold DMing is really tough without sparking interest.

How to source for Instagram Accounts relevant to your niche via Google?

Here’s a super simple tip for finding accounts in a niche for your hashtags sets. Using google search you can just enter the boolean search term “site:instagram.com NICHE” and a whole load of accounts will appear. Then you can just scroll and scroll and sell and sell.

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