[Trick] How to Get UNLIMITED Google Play In-App Refunds

We all know the infamous in-app refunds purchasing trick. However, many people do not realize that this method is simply not sustainable because Google only allow 1 – 2 automated refunds. Even then, for the refunds there is also an amount capped. For instant refunds AKA automated refunds, the cap is around less than $50. For less than $100 USD, it’s also automated but it’ll take some time also.

Now of course there is still a way to extend that a little. That is to volunteer calling Google. They will ask you a few questions blah blah blah. Usually these questions are quite easy, just fake a little over phone and you should be able to get your refund back. With this, you can extend your refunds by 2 – 3 more times. Usually cap around 5 times before Google will reject all of your calls and possibly shut down your payments account.

So you might think, I can just create unlimited Google Accounts right? Nope, usually creating a payment profile will require you to insert a phone number. So it won’t be easy trying to create a new account. Over here, we have drafted a method for you to created UNLIMITED GOOGLE ACCOUNTS with a VPN. Of course you’ll need a VPN and learn to LEAVE NO TRACE behind.

How you can refund unlimited amount of times:

This method will ensure that you leave NO TRACE, but you’ll have to do it in one sitting.
That’s all for the method! Thank you for visiting PremiumLeaksHub and we’ll see you again in our next post!

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