[TRICK] How to Create AUTHENTIC SE Images

This is important for Bigger companies who have the resources and time to detect fake imagery.

It’s getting harder and harder these days to be able to SE. Not to mention being caught red handed that you’re trying to social engineer the worst. So today we’re here to give you a very simple piece of tutorial on how you can ‘enhance’ your SE Images and evade being caught.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your ‘fake’ images doesn’t go through or sit right with the customer support representatives? That’s because they have a way of checking whether your image that you’re showing to them are AUTHENTIC or not. So if they find out that you picture has been modified some way, it becomes as clear as day that you’re trying to cheat them and they will deny you and maybe even file a police report.

YES! There is a way to find out whether your IMAGE IS PHOTOSHOPPED/MANIPULATED!

How you might wonder. Have a read below!

How companies detect whether you’ve used Photoshop:

AKA how companies detect your attempts at fraud.

That’s all we have to share today! This is definitely an integral piece of information to all SEers out there. We hope you like this trick and we’ll be sharing more of such information in the future!


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