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What is Jim Camp Negotiating Secrets Audio Interview Series

Jim Camp was the leading global expert on negotiations. Over the last 25 years, he trained and coached over 100,000 people to negotiate better, more profitable agreements in more than 500 multinational organizations.

Nine years ago, I was fortunate enough and invited to interview Jim for a group of marketing consultants I was training with my HMA Marketing Consulting System. Jim told me my consultants could ask him anything on the subject of negotiating and there was no time limit on the interview.

It’s unbelievable what I was able to get out of Jim in these interviews. I interview him as I’ve never interviewed anyone before. In this nine part training, you’ll hear Jim’s answers to over 174 select questions on the the secrets of negotiating.

Consider this your master class on the subject of negotiating and learn how to finally and strategically get what you want. The late, great, Jim Camp is no longer with us today. But his words, stories and trainings live on. He was the best there’s ever been.

It’s all here in your Jim Camp Negotiating Secrets Interviews below

What will you learn and get in Jim Camp Negotiating Secrets Interviews?

  • 1. Part One: How To Escape The “Mind-Field”
  • 2. Part Two: Avoiding The Objection Trap Is As Simple As Leaving All “Intellectual” Information At Home
  • 3. Boiling It Down To The Basics: How To Get Started The Right Way
  • 4. Managing Raw Emotions and Fear
  • 5. The Meat And Potatoes Of Negotiating Success: Creating The Vision You Need
  • 6. How To Stop Compromising Once And For All
  • 7. The Only 3 Things That Matter In A Negotiation
  • 8. A Foolproof Way To Avoid Failure
  • 9. Jim Camp’s Most Important Case Studies

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