[GET] 2019 W+ Affiliate Income Protection Essentials + OTO 1 – 2 [WORTH: $61.43]

What will you learn in 2019 W+ Affiliate Income Protection Essentials?

  • The benefits of OPPs (Other People’s Products – page 4)
    Where your commissions currently go (and the challenges that might arise – page 5)
  • ✔ The “Guilt By Association” flag (preventing it – page 7)
    The potential risk of 100% affiliate commissions (why it can pose a danger – page 8)
  • ✔ What happens when a refund occurs (to you as an affiliate – page 10)
    How to secure your earnings on hold (so instant refunds don’t affect you – page 11)
  • ✔ Why that is ALREADY being done by hundreds of merchants (and how it protects you – page 12)
    How to reassign ALL of your affiliate links – current and future! (complete with a boatload of screenshots – page 13)
  • ✔ How to withdraw your earnings safely (and send them to your Digital Processor if you’d like – page 18)
    How to AUTOMATICALLY send your earnings directly to your bank (and where to get the correct account numbers – page 19)
  • ✔ MORE!

Download 2019 W+ Affiliate Income Protection Essentials


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