[EXECUTIVE] Robin Sharma – Your Productivity Unleashed [WORTH: $197]

Your Productivity Unleashed

What is Your Productivity Unleashed?

Welcome to YOUR PRODUCTIVITY UNLEASHED, Robin’s 4 video online training program that will show you how to take back control of your time and your life.

Based on cutting-edge scientific research on peak performance as well as emerging information on how the best athletes, business titans and creative geniuses achieve all they achieve as well as all of Robin’s experience with the best of the best “in the trenches”, in the four videos he’ll walk you through a complete productivity system and his advanced time-tactics that will transform the results you see.

Members of this program have reported vast improvements in their focus, effectiveness and overall productivity. Actually, it all works so well Robin suggests some days you don’t do everything you’ll learn just so you give your new superhuman way of performing a little reward.

What you’re getting when you invest in this course today:

  • Immediate LIFETIME access to the exclusive membership site
  • The 4 tactical video modules that will show you how to take back control of your time and your life.
  • Audio versions of each video module: Some people prefer audio over video so you’ll have access to audio versions of each core video.
  • Fully transcribed and captioned videos: For the best user experience each video is captioned and fully transcribed.
  • 5 FREE bonuses worth $987: The Hierarchy of Legendary Performance video; The Legendary Performer Playbook; Your Productivity Unleashed Workbook; The Weekly Design System and The Energy Explosion audiobook.

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