[EXECUTIVE] Clark Kegley – My Best Journal 2.0 [WORTH: $197]

What is My Best Journal 2.0?

The truth is, you can have all the knowledge in the world… but if you don’t actually DO something with it, you’re completely powerLESS. You have to set what you learn into action. Gnaw on it, fine tune your mental “diet”, take action.

As Derek Sivers would say: “If more knowledge were the solution we would all be billionaires with six-pack abs.”

You may have noticed that people don’t “do” what they know. The secret of the world’s most successful people (billionaires and six-packers alike) is that they DO what they know. They take massive action.

Imagine how your life would change if you were able to effortlessly swap procrastination for action.

Picture yourself waking up with limitless energy instead of hitting the snooze button three times. My journaling system is something you will be able to use for years to come. No expiration date! It’s my mission and purpose to get you results. I want you to live at your highest potential in life. If you want that too, just click the big ugly orange button below!

What do you get with My Best Journal 2.0?

Lifetime Access to Member’s Area ($297 Value)
Even if the price triples…
You’ll have lifetime access to the member’s area and all future updates locked in.

Complete MyBestJournal Program ($197 Value)
Unlock The Power to Coach Yourself
You will get access to the original lessons from MyBestJournal. By the end of these, you’ll know exactly how to set up, start, and transform your journal into the best book you’ve ever read.

NEW: Journal Flip Throughs ($97 Value)
Exclusive Big Ideas
I’ll be super transparent and give you the BEST lessons I learned through seven years of journaling. These have NEVER been released on YouTube or anywhere else.

NEW: Expanded Bonus Section ($97 Value)
Top Level Videos For You
Get access to curated video selection to enhance your growth.

The Workshops ($97 Value)
Slash YEARS Off Your Journey
Get access to the world’s best journal workshops. You will be able to gain new insights, breakthrough roadblocks, and recharge your motivation in every area of life.

Facebook Members ONLY Group Coaching ($97 Value)
Stay Motivated and Inspired Year Round
Inside you can post questions, successes and get feedback from hundreds of other success-driven members.

Mp3 Versions ($97 Value)
Take MyBestJournal Wherever You Go
Every unit in My Best Journal 2.0 comes with both PDF and Mp3 versions so you can take the content with you wherever you are.

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