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Ever wanted to boost your ROI for your Affliate Marketing Landing pages that you use to promote your products? We have a solution for you! Introducing to you 10 Scripts that can help you target better as well as tug the strings of consumer and getting them to make a correct choice –> That is buying your product.

Here are the 10 Scripts:

  1. Alert Box
  2. Audio Alert
  3. Back Button Redirect
  4. Date Callout
  5. Dynamic Callout
  6. Geo Location
  7. Popunder New Tab
  8. Popup Alert
  9. Random Countdown
  10. Vibrate

Most of them are quite self explanatory and you can already see how these will be infinitely helpful in your affliate marketing campaign that it becomes a must have for every single affliate marketer. We’ll be elaborating a few of these scripts that we’re sharing, at the same time, giving you a bit of idea what you can use them for.

Back Button Redirect:

The use for this is simple. Consumers click on the back button simply because they are not interested in the offer. So this scripts basically gives you the second chance needed to convince this consumer that you can offer them something better than what they first saw. Allowing you to catch a few more consumers who fall through the initial landing page net. Thereby increasing your ROI.

Date Callout:

It may sound obvious to some, but perhaps not to some people. Basically this script allows you to create urgency by setting a ‘Due Date’ for a particular offer. It is the favorite tactic of every single product creator and affliate marketer. By simply saying that the price will ‘rise’ by a certain date, it will create a sense of urgency in the consumer that will prompt them to take quick action, shortening the timespan they can think. Resulting in more impulse purchases, which increases your ROI.

Geo Location Callout:

This is an interesting script. Basically you can call out any state, country etc. Allowing you to tailor your affliate marketed product to make it seem local instead of global. There are quite a number of uses for Geo location callout if you combine with the scripts above. It’s up to your imagination!

Random Countdown:

Ever seen those ’12 people LEFT’ or ’15 PEOPLE has succeeded’ kind of text? Those are effectively the generated by the ‘Rand’ function of the JavaScript language. Which means it is fake, meant to create some sort of urgency to motivate an impulse purchase or to create a sense of ‘you’re not alone’. For example, if combined with the above Geo Location Callout script, you can have something like ’15 people from California has already tried this product and succeeded! What are you waiting for?’.

Again, imaginations are limitless. Find what fits you best and go ahead!


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