[GET] Majestic Templates V2 ~ Create Alluring Videos! [WORTH: $55.47]

What is Majestic Templates V.2?

Majestic Templates Volume 2 is a brand-new video toolkit packed with some of the most unique and ultra-creative video templates that allow you to create impressive videos, mesmerizing Facabook cover videos and other awesome medias. And best of all is you can customize these templates using just PowerPoint!

Yes no more fiddling around with expensive, complicated or inferior video software with crappy functionality, you can create awesome videos using our video templates with PowerPoint!

Features of Majestic Templates V.2:

  • Extraordinary Design
    All the video templates in the Majestic Templates V.2 are designed with ultra-creative flair and animated with rich alluring animations making them look absolutely stunning.
  • Templates that are Customizable!
    It doesn’t matter how gorgeous a video look like but they are rubbish if you can’t customize it! That is why all our video templates are carefully created to make sure everything you see in the video are fully customizable, with our video templates you can easily modify the text, image, video and everything else easily.
  • Full Tutorial Guide so you don’t Get Lost
    We don’t leave you behind, we have also created full tailor made tutorial on how to customize these video templates such as how to replace the image, rebranding the template to your own brand, customizing the text and etc so you can get up running in no time!
  • Super Versatile.
    These video templates not only look stunning but they are extremely versatile, you can customize everything you see in the video including but not limited to the logo, text, image, animation, shapes, backgrounds to any elements!
  • Create unlimited types of videos & contents.
    With the versatility of PowerPoint and these video templates you can create all types of videos from Explainer Videos, Marketing Videos, Teaser Style Videos, Facebook Cover Videos, Cinematic Hollywood Style Videos, Photos Slideshow to many more!
  • Everything is included.
    Don’t you hate it when you open up a video you want to customize but later found out that the music is not included or the image is sourced from places where the copyright is questionable? Yup that’s why we only use copyright free images and videos in all the templates so you can use these templates with a complete peace of mind knowing you in safe hand. We also included all the fonts used in the template in the package and reference to the music used so you have total control of everything.

Download Majestic Templates V2


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