[GET] Captcha Locker – Boost CPA Conversions!

What is Captcha Locker?

Basically a fake Google Captcha to trick people into believing that in order to access the content, they will need to perform an offer to unlock the content. It is very effective and we’ve personally used it for ourselves to raise our conversion rates. You should consider using one as well, if you’re into the CPA Niche. More specifically, PPD. You will need some basic CSS skills for editing this Captcha into your website, regarding fonts, re-position of any items, etc. Captcha is set to appear in middle, you might also notice some small bugs, depending on your own website codes, but it’s fixable. 1st checkbox then pop-up, on the middle.

Where to place your Network’s Link:

Find this: <iframe src=”YOUR LINK HERE” bordered=”0″ style=”width: 100%; height: 100%;”></iframe>

Download Captcha Locker:

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