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What is Book Brag?

Until now, there have been TONS of video templates put to market. Powerpoint video templates are a dime a dozen, and a new one launches every week. Have vendors not noticed that sales are GOING DOWN on these templates?

How many 5 minute video templates do you need? If they aren’t working anymore, the answer is NONE! It’s time video templates caught up with the “Goldfish attention span” of your customer! THAT IS WHY WE DEVELOPED BOOK BRAG! BOOK BRAG ” YOUR ALL IN ONE PRODUCT LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT SOLUTION”

BOOK BRAG Is Absolutely NOT Another Pack Of Video Templates That You Won’t Use! Book Brag is a complete “PRODUCT LAUNCH PROMOTION” solution for your business.

Why Book Brag approach is better?

  • Branding Consistency- Video matches ecover matches graphics (etc.) Familiarity breeds trust.
  • Improve Conversions- When clients trust your brand, they buy what you are selling. ​
  • Attract More Clients- Lots of people are making videos. Offer your clients the RIGHT KIND of video for their announcements.
  • IMPROVE VIEW TIMES- You’re not going to force customers to sit through a 5 minute video on
  • Facebook or Instagram. Giving them the information they need cuts down on bounce rate! (Why do you think TV commercials are so short?)
  • Think Like Big Business- All big businesses have more than just a single formula for marketing. They approach launch marketing with a different strategy, and they understand what their customer needs to make a decision.

Download Book Brag + OTO 1


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