[GET] Social Meme Kit [WORTH: $18.75]

What is Social Meme Kit

Social Meme Kit is a collection of assets and a course on how to make premium engaging memes with Easy Video Lab, Easy Video Lab Lite or any application that works with PNG and MP4 assets. Social Meme Kit includes over 400 creatively themed meme frames, 280 stickers, doodle animations and a 17 piece caption. You also get 14 templates to make it easy to crank out highly creative memes with ease.

In addition, Social Meme Kit includes a full course focused on helping you to go from concept to premium quality video and static image memes in as little time as possible…often as quickly as 5 to 10 minutes. In the course you’ll learn how to find high quality free images and videos super fast. You’ll also learn how to combine fun videos with themed overlays and stickers to create eye catching and engaging memes. You even get a template to create your own creative meme frames.

Download Social Meme Kit


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