[EXECUTIVE] Ryan Stewart – Webris Project Management System [WORTH: $499]

What is Webris Project Management System?

A bunch of Google Drive EXCEL files that allows you to effectively document and manage your clients with this set of Project maangement system. Specifically made for Link Building Agencies but of course it can also be modified to suit your own needs. The nature of Google Drive also allows you to effectively work in the CLOUD for Free and in real time too, allowing you, your colleagues and your clients to view your work and progress updates in real time.

What do you get in Webris Project Management System?

Manage every deliverable from 1 file.

  • Quickly add templated project plans and assign them to team members. Add new clients into the mix with a few clicks.
  • Stay on top of client deliverables and action items. Automated client status reporting.
  • Stop chasing status updates from your team using our “task, deliverable, action” framework

Scale your outreach efforts, responsibly.

  • Syncs with “Central project tracking file” to automatically pull in your clients, team members and project plans.
  • Built specifically to high volume outreach campaigns across hundreds of active clients.
  • Syncs with “Client trackers” to automatically push reports about campaign status and live links secured.

Execute large scale content marketing.

  • Load up your plan into the content calendar and easily oversee the creation of outlines, drafts, images and live posts.
  • Webris Project Management SystemAutomatically push live content to “Client tracker” files to cut down on communications.

Hands free client reporting.

  • When you “add” a new client to your “Central project tracking file”, our tool automatically creates a file to track progress.
  • All of the files work in unison to push updates to the “Client trackers”.
  • Hands free reporting of published content, live links, tasks completed and open “action items” (in real time).

Download Webris Project Management System


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