[EXECUTIVE] Jason Swenk – All My Agency Documents We Used [WORTH: $397.00]

I have listed all the documents that took me over 12 years to put together while running my digital agency.


Proposal Template
Proposal Agreement
Capabilities Presentation


How to bonus on profitability of the project
Scorecard for executive bonus plans
Key Employee Agreement
Project manager job posting
Business development executive (sales) job posting

Financial Documents

Goal setting document
Cash flow spreadsheet (Performa)

Legal Agreements

Operating Agreement
Contractor Agreement + NDA
Referral Agreement
Employee Seperation Agreement
Release of Claims Agreement
Terminating a Client Letter
NDA between you and company
NDA between company and possible company wanting to buy you

Project Document

Creative Brief Document
Project Plan Document
Client Edits and Changes Document

Approval Documents Clients would Sign off on

Final Client Changes Checklist
Change Order Form
Project Approval & Launch
Concept Approval Document

Checklist Documents

Design Team Checklist
New Project Setup Checklist
File Folder Checklist

Workflow Process

Creative Process Workflow
Development Process Workflow
On boarding New Client Workflow

Download Jason Swenk – All My Agency Documents We Used


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