[EXECUTIVE] The Black Book of PLR Products ~ OVER 1000 PLR Products!

Executive Only

Do you need PLR ebooks to generate offline leads? Do you need need an extremely large collection of PLR eBooks to mix and match so you can create your own product in the quickest way possible and sell them? Or do you simply need a large collection of PLR eBooks and then resell them on your own website?

Whatever the case, we have you covered by giving you access to AN EXTREMELY LARGE VAULT of PLR eBook products. Topics covered range from Health to SEO. Mainly SEO eBooks are aplenty. Come here and take a look for yourself! They range all the way from 2004 – 2017. Over 10 YEARS worth of PLR material. Come and take a look for yourself!

We could’ve easily sold this to everyone for a small price but we decided to addon this HUGE COLLECTION OF PLR PRODUCTS FOR FREE as a bonus to all those who have signed up for our Executive Membership. We hope you enjoy this share!


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