[GET] ThePLRShow – Ultimate Insider 30 Day Challenge + PLR [WORTH: $47]

What do you get with Ultimate Insider?

  • Module #1: Knowing Where To Start
    When surveyed, most new marketers confess to not knowing where to start. This sessions will give you the exact context of knowing where you need to start based on what YOU want.
  • Module #2 The Two Key Success Factors for Internet Marketers
    Get these two things right and you’ll be able to conquer any challenge in your internet marketing business. Misunderstand it and your chances of building a real business is slim.
  • Module #3 What You Need and Where to Get It
    Got Shiny Object Syndrome? Don’t know what to buy first or when to buy it? You’ll know after this session, the key elements of your internet marketing arsenal.
  • Module #4 What You Need To Know and When You Need to Know It
    Get These Basic Internet marketing knowledge areas down, even if you have to outsource..they will save you time, money and headache.
  • Module #5 Key Success Factors Of Internet Marketing Product Creation
    Want to know why some products work and some don’t? Want to know the secret to fast, successful product creation? Don’t miss this session.
  • Module #6 Getting Customers and Keeping Them
    The key to keeping customers is INSIDE of your product. Do these things right and learn to get your customers to like then love you.
  • Module #7 How to Profit From the Needs in the Marketplace
    Do this and truly meet the customer’s needs in the marketplace. Learn to do it uniquely, like no one else is doing it.
  • Module #8 What You Must Do Before You Start Creating
    Before you jump in and start creating products, make sure you know these things…they are the keys to your customer’s success.
  • Module #9 Make Sure You Include THESE Things in Your Course
    If you want happy customers make sure that you have these things in your course; they are a must.
  • Module #10 You Made Sale, but You’re Still Selling
    How you deliver your product can make or break your future sales, YES, this is what can make you more long term business money.
  • Module #11 Where to Find the People To Buy Your Course
    No, it’s not as Simple as “If You Build It They Will Come, but it’s a lot easier than you think.
  • Module #12 Where to Get Traffic and How To Do It Consistently
    Marketers can start here for traffic and by following through, they can easily see traffic to their offers.
  • Module #13 Creaing Products From Webinar Content
    Easy Product Creation Method that many marketers by pass. Literally hundreds of product creation ideas.
  • Module #14 Your Videos and Mp3’s are Created…Now What?
    End the paralysis of analysis. NOW know exactly what you need to do next and what order to do it in.
  • Module #15 Overcoming Information Overload
    Don’t know what to do next? Understand the order and priority of each action you take and how it leads to the sale.
  • Module #16 Turning Your Small Systems to Business Systems
    How can your product line become a business? It can, if you understand these things
  • Module #17 Managing Your Business Systems
    Get the knowledge on how to manage your business systems and build them into a lifestyle you desire.

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