[GET] Funnel Clips PLR – FE + OTO1 + OTO2 [WORTH: $101]

What is Funnel Clips PLR?

Most marketers struggle with making video. But without videos throughout their entire funnel, they are leaving a lot of money on the table. I created this set of funnel clips for my own sites. They worked so well I decided to release them to the public. They upsell customers in a friendly, subtle manner that triggers immediate responses.

What do you get with Funnel Clips PLR?

  • Opt-in Confirmation/Pre-sell Video Clip
    The best time to sell is immediately after opt-in. This video grabs the attention of new subscribers and alerts them to a special product, service or affiliate offer.
  • OTO 1 Video Clip
    After the front end sale, the real profits begin. This video thanks customers and explains how to get a special upgrade they simply can’t go without.
  • Downsell Video Clip
    Even if an initial one-time-offer gets a 30% conversion rate, that’s still 70% of customers saying no. This video will convince these naysayers to say yes – using two powerful psychological triggers!
  • OTO 2 Video Clip
    This video will turn buyers into repeat buyers instantly, by offering them a second upgrade or upsell in a special, convincing manner.
  • OTO 3 Video Clip
    This video is ideal for additional upgrades and eases buyers into final offers. It can also be used for an OTO 4 or 5 if you want to expand your funnel further!
  • Resell Rights Offer Video Clip
    For marketers who want to offer resell rights to their customers as an upsell in their funnel, this video clip tells buyers exactly why they need to grab the special resell rights offer!

Download Funnel Clips PLR


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