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What will you get with Facebook Groups Unleashed?

“Facebook Groups Unleashed”: How To Start, Launch and Grow Your Own Thriving Facebook Group For Your Business.

What is this course about?

  1. Learn to create a Facebook group by following step-by-step instructions that ANYONE can follow and understand
  2. Avoid common mistakes by choosing the right settings, description, photo, and more
  3. Discover how to create a private, exclusive community that will MASSIVELY increase your engagement
  4. Learn advanced techniques. Link your page to your groups, use WordPress widgets, and conduct group stories
  5. Understand the core business concepts that drive the success of Facebook groups and make them so valuable
  6. Integrate your Facebook groups marketing strategy with your broader campaign – combine a Facebook group with your Facebook group, blog, and other social accounts and see CRAZY growth
  7. Learn to use your group to conduct market research that would be worth thousands!
  8. Avoid getting into trouble with Facebook and learn to manage your members and maintain a civil tone
  9. This guide is written in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step fashion for anyone to follow with screenshots and images. Your customers and their customers will love it!

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