[GET] Barb Ling & Dennis Becker – 1,000 Done For You IM Lessons [WORTH: $23.97]

What is 1,000 Done For You IM Lessons?

Each lesson contains about 1 hour of high-quality audio training… so all you had to do is directly link to a lesson each day (feel free to add your own take as well) and put it on your OWN paid membership site!

What will you get with 1000 Done for you IM Lessons?

  • You’ll get over 1000 pre-created lessons you can link to one per day (or if you are really aggressive just do 33 per day for 31 days and have your entire 3 year membership created)
  • You’ll get a 20 – email preselling sequence that sells your membership for you
  • A list of themes that are easy (and some are free) to use to create your membership
  • Step by step videos showing you how to do EVERYTHING – All you have to do is choose a domain name, put a theme on it so it looks good, and start writing posts that link to each one of my over – 1000 lessons. Then start driving traffic to the email campaign, and watch members sign up with no interaction from you (unless you want to email them personally, your choice)

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