[EXECUTIVE] AnyOverlay ~ MLM Product [WORTH: $197]

This is a product designed to sell itself. Therefore an MLM Product.

What is AnyOverlay?

AnyOverlay is my new, groundbreaking Whitelabel app, that lets you and your customers create amazingly flexible overlays and popups that appear on any website, even sites you do not own.

These are hugely powerful for exit ups, adding review videos, optin forms, coupons, deals, contests….whatever you can think of. Add the powerful built-in designs and animations, and you have a powerhouse app on your hands.

This is an app people would buy from me as an end-user product so to get it as a full Whitelabel product with a full membership app, sales page, logos and more, is a no-brainer deal.

Features of AnyOverlay:

  • Option to display a custom overlay over any website, including the ones you don’t own
  • Pixel perfect overlay positioning anywhere on the screen
  • 100% overlay customization from size through colors to text and backgrounds
  • 100% custom front end text so it’s multilingual
  • Built in image library and manager available for backgrounds
  • 46 different overlay animations available
  • Option to display the overlay as an exit popup
  • Custom “smart” URL’s available per campaign
  • Custom script inclusion available (for retargeting or tracking)
  • Option to edit, clone and manage your campaigns from an easy to use dashboard
  • Easily access detailed statistics / campaign including a live map
  • Easily editable backend to customize colors, text and logo
  • Create almost infinite layouts with 100% width footer bars, headers, full height left/right sidebars, central overlays, exit popups and more all in 1 app.

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