[GET] YouTube Mastery – How to Rank your YouTube Videos and PROFIT! [WORTH: $97]

This course is not meant for those who wanted to start a YouTube Brand name. This course focuses solely on using YouTube to promote your content. You’ll learn how to rank your videos, tracking your videos as well as using IFTT Networks to which will allow you to automate certain processes that can increase your SEO Power.

What does this include?

  1. Channel Setup & Optimization for Massive Authority
  2. On-Page Video Optimization Parts 1 & 2 for Fast Track Ranking
  3. Associated Website Guide for Double the Exposure
  4. How to Embed Playlists for Ranking Videos and Webpages
  5. Video Production Guide to Make Video Creation a Breeze
  6. Advanced Video Ranking Ninja Tactics That Give You an Unfair Advantage
  7. Using IFTTT Syndication Networks for Even More SEO Power

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