[GET] Tony Shepherd – “Secrets Of A Retired Super-Affiliate” [WORTH: $27]

What will you learn in Secrets Of A Retired Super-Affiliate?

  • The niches I’ve personally promoted in (Page 9)
  • The ‘Elephant in the room’ about my affiliate business (Page 10)
  • The TWO key types of affiliate marketer (and how to be both) (Page 11)
  • The killer leverage strategy that barely anyone uses (Page 13)
  • A lazy but deadly effective affiliate marketing shortcut (Page 14)
  • The ‘Reveal’ strategy for recurring monthly affiliate commissions (Page 17)
  • EXACTLY how I did the above (Page 18)
  • The secret content that is available to affiliates but FEW know about (Page 20)
  • Exactly how to make your promotions different by using the above (Page 22)
  • An example from one of my own pages (Page 23)
  • The powerful buying points that you can cut and paste at will (Page 24)
  • Ready-made expert presell content for ANY promotion (Page 26)
  • A real-life example of how I used it (Page 27)
  • Reciprocity – How to benefit even if you don’t have your own products (Page 29)
  • Two reciprocity leverage strategies you MUST know (Page 30)
  • Strategy Five – How to create affiliate income streams (Page 34)
  • How to ‘frame’ your PLR offer for maximum profit (Page 32)
  • An example of one of MY strategies on your page (Page 35)
  • How to maximise your chances of profit from ANY paid traffic (Page 37)
  • Strategy 6 – A simple approach for LAZY affiliate marketers (Page 38)
  • Strategy 7 – Probably my favourite and most effective strategy (Page 40)
  • A real-life example of how I use Strategy 7 (Page 42)
  • A super-simple way of leveraging Strategy 7 in minutes (Page 44)
  • How to ethically promote a product you’ve never even read (Page 45)
  • An actual example of how I do it that you can copy (Page 46)
  • The ‘set and forget’ affiliate domain income (Page 48)
  • Actual examples of Strategy 9 that I’ve never shared before (Page 49)
  • How you don’t need a list, organic traffic or PAID traffic for these (Page 52)
  • And more…

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