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For such a simple landing page, this product is actually quite an interesting read. It basically teaches you how you can market your product overseas using a different language other than English.

Wait. Other than English?

Yes. Of course English is the global language and everyone who wishes to go on the internet needs to at least have some basic grasp of English. However, you’re forgetting one interesting psychological phenomenon where ‘Language’ is actually linked to a person’s familiarity. Not to mention you’ll also be able to target NON-ENGLISH speakers, allowing you to tap into a pretty much UNTAPPED market. Allowing you to monopolize that market and make all the money from that market segment.

Won’t Google Translate do?

If you’re asking this question. I would advise you to tab out this page and educate yourself on the flaws of machine translation in general. Machine Translation can NEVER out perform a human due to grammatical issues. Even Google’s all powerful Machine Learning can only do so much in terms of providing a semi-accurate answer in sentence structure. Giving your clients fucked grammar means you’re literally giving them the middle finger. Especially in a sales pitch.

Though with that said…

Affiliate Sniper Pro recommends that you use Google Translate. Which we don’t recommend and it leads us to believe whether this guide will ACTUALLY work. However, since they said it works… I guess give it a shot? However, we would recommend that you work with real translators for your sales pitch.

What does this cover?

Apart from what we outlined above, this also covers all the standard landing page promotions, where to pick your offer and all the other standard stuff you can get from a gazillion other similar eBooks. If you already know all these, then the only gem you’re going to get out of this is how to promote using a foreign language and link build using a foreign language keyword. Which is I think, where the main worth of this eBook lies.

Want to try targeting the foreign market niche? Give this eBook a go! You might learn something useful for your next affliate marketing venture!

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