[GET] Site Speed Profits – Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis [WORTH: $97]

What is Site Speed Profits?

What I haven’t told you is we took all this cool technology and wrapped our “UNIQUE MARKETING TRAINING” around it, so you don’t have to create or figure anything out for yourself. You’re getting ‘Early Member Access’ to our Video Training…

Tom also reveals some of the best secrets and processes he uses to generate lots of money for himself and his clients. Our buddy Bruce called it…”The slickest, easiest way to implement this process I’ve ever seen. I pity anybody who tries to do this without watching these videos…”

Once you know how to sell this HOT service, you’ll start by landing interested clients like these… Don’t worry, you’ll know just what to say.

What will you learn in Site Speed Profits?

The Need for Speed
– Google Site Speed Update Explained
– Why should local businesses care?
– Why this is a HUGE advantage for you

Fulfillment (Do-it-Yourself)
– Things That Will Slow Down Your Website
– How To Minify JS CSS HTML
– Optimizing Your Images
– How to Configure Caching
– Are Comments-Slowing Down Your Site?
– Removing and Updating Plugins

Fulfillment (Outsourced)
Get the exact same outsourcer we use for our clients!

Speed Sniffer Software
– Overview & Access
– Connecting to Google Email
– Prospecting Search
– Speed Report

Case Study Nick Ponte
– Outreach to existing & past clients
– Email examples from closed speed optimization deals

6 Components of a Good Selling Presentation
– Client On-boarding
– A Word on Deliverables
– Social Media Content Creation Guidelines & Resources
– Hiring a Content Writer (sample ad for hiring an outsourcer)

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