[GET] Short Non-Fiction Empire + DFY + Advanced + Special Access [WORTH: $104]

What is Short Non-Fiction Empire?

Make more money with your short books and take your short book publishing empire to the next level.

Inside this 11 more advanced training videos you will learn how to release more books in the same niche to increase sales (create an empire of short books that work for you to bring sales, day in and day out), using KDP free promotion to multiply sales to all your books, best methods to get genuine reviews that’ll propel your sales forward, cross-selling your books to multiply sales, bundling your books to exponentiate your sales, build a real business out of your books with online courses and memberships, and best of all build an E-mail list from your books..

What will you learn Short Non-Fiction Empire?

  • KDP free promotion strategy to bring traffic to your short book and related books
  • ​Strategies to get reviews to your books during free promos and increase sales
  • ​How to use Kindle countdown deals to make your book launches take off
  • ​How to create your author brand on Kindle with an Author profile and build a
    following and trust among your target market
  • ​How to get a writing partner to jump start your short books journey when you
    don’t want to write the books and can’t afford to outsource
  • ​A secret method to getting 30+ genuine reviews per book and skyrocketing your
  • ​How to cross sell between your short fiction books to increase sales
  •  How to bundle related books and multiple your sales without writing new books
  • ​ ​How to double your sales by publishing your books as paperbacks
  • ​ ​How to build an E-mail list for free with your short books and promote your new
    releases to them (and rack up sales from the day you publish them)
  • ​ ​How to build a real business on the back of your short books outside of Kindle

Download Short Non-Fiction Empire + DFY + Advanced + Special Access


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