[GET] Museum Style Sites – the Profitable Alternative to Review Sites [WORTH: $9.95]

Ultimately, these style of websites, when put in modern context, are review sites that does content marketing and not cookie-cutter affiliate websites. Therefore, requires quite a bit of work and commitment to setup. But it works!

What do you get with Museum Style Sites?

  • 4 Live Museum Sites to review and steal ideas and formats from for your own sites. Each of these sites promotes real physical products one can make money from as an affiliate today.
  • * OMG – How Someone is Blowing It as one of the museum sites is top ranked in Google for products that can sell for hundreds of dollars – and the site is not monetized at all. Incredible. It’s time to see what others do with these sites and then avoid their mistakes to make a killing online.
  • * Actual Sales Data so you can see opportunities. One of these sites is in a niche where there are 450+ sales per day during the dog days of summer slowest time of the year just on eBay alone. The volume on Amazon must be ridiculous.
  • * See the Crappy Website that ranks. You don’t need to spend time and money on fancy graphics for these types of sites.
  • * How to Monetize museum style sites. You will see what others are doing (and you’ll see what others are missing out on). One idea is so unique I have never seen it before – and I’ve been online since 1994 and reviewed thousands of sites.
  • * New Products are Being Promoted and Sold. Don’t misconstrue “museum” to mean sites promoting 1000 year old pottery. This is a “style” of website that is better than a review “style” of site. It is being used to promote new products.
  • * WooCommerce for Affiliates. An interesting twist on how to use the free WooCommerce WordPress plugin to quickly made great affiliate pages with affiliate links.
  • * The Mindset and approach to creating these sites. You can use content from an old-school review site and repurpose it into one of these museum-style sites that are doing so much better.
  • * Tips I Use such as stealing a method from news sites to increase the amount of SEO content on my sites.
  • * The 3 Needed Things to Create a Museum Style Site. I close the report with these words: One top ranked page is more profitable than ten pages with no traffic! So true. Stop wasting your time on review sites that don’t rank and get a new style proven to work.

Download Museum Styled Sites:


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