[GET] Mortgage Lead Machine + OTO [WORTH: $29.99]

What do you learn with Mortgage Lead Machine + OTO

  • The laser-targeted way to generate all the leads your mortgage broker clients can handle, which they will love you for (and my step by baby step instructions make it child’s play for you to do).
  • The smart way to increase your client’s Visibility on Facebook at no extra cost – multiplying the ways they can get prospect’s attention and thus increasing conversions from the same ad (and you can bet your bottom dollar your mortgage broker client’s don’t know the first thing about this brain-dead simple way to increase traffic and conversions).
  • The little known, new and very powerful way to Grab NOW Prospects directly with FB’s smooth-running Booking Tool
  • How to quickly and easily set up a Facebook ads account (and how to control multiple accounts from one place).
  • Knockout examples of compelling ads with a breakdown of why they are so effective.
  • A Secret Powerhouse landing page resource – and how to set one up in under five minutes.
  • Adding a ‘Homes for Sale’ search function (and how to use that to start a dialogue with your prospective client).
  • Targeting mastery – and a lightening fast way to find the right audience to instantly connect your client with their best prospects.
  • The red hot secrets to creating a real killer ad.
  • Contacting your prospective mortgage professional clients the ultra-effective and easy way (and the surprising, little known, fact about B2B email)
  • How to easily find your prospective mortgage broker clients – and the two dubious sources to avoid.
  • The email sending service that lets you email hundreds for free – and could very well get you enough clients for life without ever having to move to the paid service.
  • The key secrets of sending a ‘cold’ mail that gets opened up and acted upon, right out of the gate.
  • The done for you email template you can take and use after putting your own unique spin on it.
  • Where the rubber hits the road – getting paid.
  • And much, MUCH more …

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