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What is Painless Auto Calls?

Call-Only conversion rates are typically higher than text ad conversion rates since you only get the BEST, most READY customers calling.

Also, Call-only ads can be a great resource for businesses that do not have strong mobile websites or any at all! This way they can connect online leads directly with their sales team.

“Call-only ads work best for businesses that convert many of their customers over the phone. For example, one team implemented a call-only ad campaign for an insurance provider, using unique tracking for each individual insurance agency’s phone number. Throughout the campaign, the client noticed that the call-only ads drove much stronger conversions than text ads….”

It’s possible to track how many phone calls call-only ads are generating directly in AdWords.

What will you learn in Painless Auto Calls?

  • How Pay-Per-Call REALLY Works
  • Why PPC only Displays on Smartphones
  • What the client is actually paying for
  • Why the call is a more qualified call
  • Calls Are never connected to a website
  • How Google Tracking helps you
  • The Value is always higher, since its a CALL directly to the business (rather than only a click to visit a website.)
  • Still uses standard CPC bidding
  • Can be set to run during the business’s OPEN HOURS only
  • Takes about 20 minutes to setup
  • Can use normal Keyword combinations
  • How to avoid certain Negative Keywords
  • Results more obvious to the client
  • Easy to run during SEO downtime

Download Painless Auto Calls


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