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Have you ever asked yourself ‘I’m a Software Developer, how can I make money?” Well, we have the eBook just for you! So you might be wondering. What is this eBook about? What is it going to teach me? You’re going to find out.

What is this eBook about?

Basically this eBook walks you through the entire process of writing a program, publishing it, beta testing it and finally of course the most important part: Marketing the app. No, this eBook will not teach you how to program or give you ideas on what kind of program/app you’re supposed to write. You’re supposed to come up with that yourself.

Any program or App?

While the general answer to that question is YES. The main focus on this eBook lies more on marketing software’s that are related to the Internet Marketing Niche. Some great ideas for software include things like Social Media Automation, Traffic automation, Keyword research tools, link building tools, spinner tools, captcha tools really whatever you can think of that is related to the IM niche.

This eBook will teach you how to market them. Effectively.

Who does this cater to?

The first and foremost group of people are obviously Programmers who by profession don’t really have much experience on the marketing side and have trouble delivering their programs to their audience. The secondary group of people this eBook will cater to are Marketers who are willing to hire programmers to create a ‘White Label’ software for them to sell. In either group, you’re definitely set to profit if you managed to come up with an awesome product that people will use.

Are you programmer? You’ll definitely want to read this! Who knows, you can easily turn your hobby into a PART TIME JOB or even a professional developer as well. You’re a Software Engineer, now it’s time to become a Income Engineer as well!

Become an Income Engineer by selling Software NOW!



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That’s all we have for today! We’ll see you next time!

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