[GET] How to Make Money Selling Shirts on Amazon! – Proven Merch Course [WORTH: $99]

Have you ever wanted to build a successful business on Amazon selling Custom Made T-Shirts? Of course there are alternatives like TeeSpring which was pretty darn popular for a period of time. People were spamming Facebook ads like nobody’s business and money just to try out which kind of t-shirt will make bank. Of course not many succeeded, even though many also did at the same time.

Now Amazon is also offering the same thing with their ‘Merch’ service where they attempt to eat into the market share of Teespring and the like. This will be a rather interesting course that will teach you how you can effectively sell your T-Shirt on Amazon Merch.

So What are the requirements?

  • Students should have an Amazon account to take this course
  • Students should be comfortable entering banking and tax information into their Amazon account
  • Basic photo editing skills (Photoshop or Illustrator) are beneficial but not mandatory

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create a Merch by Amazon account
  • Understand the digital file requirements for shirt designs
  • Use the Merch by Amazon platform to create their own shirt designs available for sale on Amazon
  • Become familiar with all of the Merch by Amazon account settings
  • Forward and mask domains
  • Create their own Amazon Associates account
  • Create their own Amazon aStore to market their Merch by Amazon shirts

Wait… Proven Merch Course doesn’t teach me how to promote?

Yep. Though similar promotional methods apply if you really want to reach a wide audience. If you have experience marketing TeeSpring T-shirt, you should be able to directly apply your marketing tactics with Merch Amazon. We’ll be uploading an eBook soon that will teach you how you can promote your TeeSpring Shirts. It can be directly applied here, do listen to this course if you want to get the basics of getting into the Amazon Merch business.

Make money selling Custom T-Shirts on Amazon Merch with Proven Merch Course!




Want to get into the Amazon FBA Business instead?

FBA basically stands for Fulfilment by Amazon. Basically if you a have a physical product to sell, Amazon will help you fulfill the demand of your customers by sending the product straight to them. Take a look if you’re serious about starting a business with Amazon and make a full time living!

Make money on amazon fba!


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