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What is Legend of the Online Beast?

So the Legend of the Online Beast is always something that seemed to be a myth, far fetched…not real. Surely someone that can travel the world and have freedom to do whatever he wants and whenever he wants…well, that is just something old legends are made if. Certainly it can’t be true.

Surely it is just HYPE in order to get you to buy a course.

I mean seriously now, think about it. How many of your close friends do you know are smashing it online?

Wait a minute, that’s not good enough. For sure we don’t care if you can SMASH it online, if you have to work 30-80 hours a week just to maintain it…and if you leave the computer untouched for a day your empire will fail.

So let’s ask that again. Let’s even go with the people you may follow online, sure they appear to be smashing it online, but how many of them are really working 5 hours a week, all year, every year?

None of them. How do I know? Because the biggest names you know online come as ask me for help on how I can make as much as them, but then I travel the world and surf all year while they are stuck at there computer 15 hours a day or tied to their phone.

Now that…that is something Legends are made of. Show me someone who can have true freedom, not tied to their computer or their phone or WIFI…and I will say that dude is an Online Beast.

I’m telling you right now, I’ve been doing this for 8 years now, 5 hours a week of work, travel, surf, eat, going to snowboard in Japan soon (I’m from Atlanta, USA).

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