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What is Local Retargeting Cash Wizard?

The main driving factor behind retargeting is that it gives your clients business a second chance at conversion. It increases the odds the customer may come back from the distractions that led them away earlier…and end up making a purchase they really do want to make.

Here’s the biggest reasons why local companies should test a retargeting campaign as part of their overall marketing…

**Retargeting Gives A New Chance At Converting.

Every marketer wants a second chance to grab someone’s attention, and retargeting gives you just that. It allows you to reach out to users who have some interest in your clients product or service product and remind them why they visited their website in the first place. Retargeting takes one chance of a sale, and transforms it into multiple chances!

**Retargeting Improves Your Ad Campaign Overall

While most companies know that marketing is an essential part of running a successful business, Retargeting shows them how to beat the odds. Because they only pay for impressions for users who have ALREADY visited your website.

The engagement level from retargeting efforts is generally higher than the engagement results from other advertising campaigns.

**Retargeting Increases Profits By Cross-selling & Upselling

You can choose to take your retargeting campaign one step further by placing a pixel on a conversion or thank you page that allows you to build an audience of high-value visitors.

If these customers have converted before and you can give them a compelling offer that relates to their needs or interests, the chances are that they’ll be willing to convert again.

What do you learn with Local Retargeting cash wizard?

  • **How a dentist loses $1050 on promotions BEFORE adding retargeting (page 6)
  • **Why an investment in SEO services still loses a restaurant money since there’s no retargeting!
  • **How a $5 ad budget is all you need to start with one strategy
  • **Discover The Solution That Pays For Itself
  • **Beat The Banks! How To Invest $1 and get a $32 return…over and over again. (page 7)
  • **The 2 Options Clients Don’t Even Know Exist.
  • **List of the BEST local Businesses For Retargeting (page 9)
  • **Dont make this Retargeting mistake right out of the box
  • **3 FREE tools you MUST Use! (why pay for them?) (page 10)
  • **The FoolProof way to check if they’re already using Retargeting (page 11)
  • **Why “estimated monthly traffic” matters so much.
  • **Complete section On Email Tricks and Tactics (page 15)
  • **Tested, Proven Email Templates
  • **The 2 ways to send email we recommend…(works best especially if you’re starting small.)
  • **2 PLUG-INS you ought to use…and one is FREE.

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