[GET] List Revival Mastery – Michel Sirois + OTOs

What will you learn in this course?

  • Method 1: How to clean-up your email list to avoid hitting the SPAM box. This is essential if you want a healthy and responsive list from the ‘get go’
  • Method 2: How to spot potential ‘Spam Traps’ and ‘Honey Pot’ emails and how to get rid of them before it does damage to your email list. It sounds tecky but it’s so easy that anyone can do this, even complete beginners
  • Method 3: The GUARANTEED method that will revive your list and put more money in your pocket. I will be showing you step-by-step how ‘I do it EXACTLY TO THIS DAY’
  • Method 4: How to maximize the ‘interest potential’ and ‘profit-pulling potential’ of your audience without being invasive, tiring or annoying. You might not think that you are, but your subscribers may think otherwise
  • Method 5: The 1-step you need to do each time before giving-up on inactive leads. If you don’t do this, you are almost guaranteed to fail online and almost everyone I know do not know about this money-making trick
  • Method 6: The type of traffic you have right now may also be a contributing factor to why your list is not responsive. This method will be showing you what traffic sources to look for and most importantly, the traffic sources to completely avoid. By this I mean that I prefer having 1,000 leads of potential buyers… over 20,000 dead-beat leads and I’m sure you do too. This method will show you exactly how I do it
  • Checklist: Complete recap of the training and steps to take, to revive your list in a fun, easy and profitable way

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