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Preselling is an interesting strategy because preselling involves selling a product that has yet to exist yet. Of course, given that the product isn’t exactly out yet, your goal here is to get as many opt-ins as possible. These opt-ins will then convert into sales and you’ll profit from them!

If you’re already a semi-experience affliate marketer, you’ll know that Preselling is an important strategy especially for very hot and incoming piping products by well known people. Because a lot of people will be jumping into the bandwagon early. If you only decide to start promoting after the product goes live, you’ll already have lost sales. What you want to do is LOCK these customers under your affliate as soon as possible so you can capitalize their sales later.

Famous people or people with a very powerful product always love to promote their products early, compared to amateur product creators who only sell their products only after completion. So your only way to ease in is through preselling. This book, although only minor, will teach you some great beginner tips to get into the market of preselling.

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