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What will you learn inside?

VIDEO MODULE 1: How to properly brand your Facebook profile so people view you as a leader and become eager & excited to join your business. (7 minutes and 5 seconds)

VIDEO MODULE 2: The specific types of posts to make to get massive engagement and sales and the one thing to NEVER do on your Facebook profile that’s killing your chances at success. (7 minutes and 11 seconds)

VIDEO MODULE 3: You’ll discover who specifically to add as friends & who not to add as friends and where to find them to get the highest amount of leads and sales for your business. (9 minutes and 16 seconds)

VIDEO MODULE 4: You’ll have access to a conversational copy & paste Facebook messenger script that works for ANY niche to have the highest likelihood of generating a lead & sale in just 3 short messages. (5 minutes and 11 seconds)

VIDEO MODULE 5: You’ll be able to “peak over my shoulder” and get an inside look on exactly what I do in just an hour per day on Facebook to average 200+ likes per post & daily sales. (12 minutes and 2 seconds)

VIDEO MODULE 6: Storytelling secrets. You’ll learn how to craft your posts in such a way that will get your Facebook friends reaching out to you wanting to know how they can work with you. (7 minutes and 2 seconds)

VIDEO MODULE 7: Learn how to increase your Facebook story views on autopilot. This one method can result in over 1000+ views on your stories resulting in dramatically more sales. (8 minutes and 51 seconds)

VIDEO MODULE 8: In this module you’ll discover how to properly leverage testimonials on Facebook to rapidly increase the amount of daily sales you’re getting in your business. (8 minutes and 11 seconds)

VIDEO MODULE 9: You’ll learn how to access your affiliate link for the course and have affiliate tools to be able to start easily making $48.50 per person you refer. You don’t have to promote the course but it’s a nice little added bonus. (7 minutes and 52 seconds)
And as a Special Bonus You’ll Unlock:

SPECIAL BONUS 1: 100 done-for-you viral Facebook posts that you can copy & paste that have already been proven to get hundreds of likes and comments!

SPECIAL BONUS 2: Downloadable checklist outlining the daily game plan step-by-step so you can make sure you’re following the exact Facebook formula our top students and ourselves use every day for massive success.

SPECIAL BONUS 3: You’ll get your own affiliate link & have the ability to earn $48.50 per person you refer to this course paid to you the same day. Again, you don’t have to promote the course but it’s a nice little added bonus.

SPECIAL BONUS 4: Access to our private Facebook group where you’ll be able to ask any questions and have all the support you need to quickly take your online business to the next level.

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