[EXECUTIVE] CopyHackers – The Conversion Copyrighting Workshop (WORTH: $497)

This is part of our ongoing effort to build up on our Executive Section for our Executive Members.

Welcome back! This time we’ll be sharing a highly powerful course that will help you write powerful copies. Specifically, writing copies that will help you convert!

This course is 3.82 GB Large

What is Conversion Writing about?

It is about writing a very powerful sales pitch with a very specific intent of getting your audience to do one thing. Hit the buy button. Well, not necessary hit the buy button, you can do a lot of things, but your writing is geared towards getting the audience to do a specific thing and that is what this course will teach you. Not only will you write a better copy once you’ve finished this course, you’ll also learn great new words that will allow you to make very ‘personalized’ message, as if you’re speaking to a single person. Making your copy doubly effective.

So what you waiting for? Discover the power of words and subliminal messages! Grab this course now and start learning how to write a fantastic copy!

PS: This a recording of a live workshop, you’ll see how others struggle with copy. And you’ll watch as the original conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe coaches copywriters through their challenges.

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