[GET] Botnet Bible | Run profitable Botnets! [WORTH: $29.99]

Botnets are a very interesting concept. They are basically your ‘slaves’ per se and you can order them to do whatever you want. Of course you must be wondering what you can do with these slaves. There are quite a few things you can do.

1. Mining

Basically you make use of your slaves to mine for cryptocurrency. Not exactly the MOST profitable thing in the world. But you might be able to scrape by a little. Generally considered not as profitable compared to other ventures due to higher attrition rates from slaves discovering their machines has been infected from higher CPU Usage.

2. Advert Clicks

This is definitely infinitely more profitable than mining. With advert clicking, infected slaves may not even realise their machines are compromised as clicking an advert doesn’t hog the CPU/Memory like cryptocurrency mining does. It is silent and it does the job of giving you stable income. Though you have to be careful with certain advertisement companies. They have algorithms to track and if it’s the same few people clicking their ads, they will know what is up and ban your account.

3. DDOS Service / DDOS Blackmail

Self-explanatory. Basically you offer your slaves to DDOS the crap out of whoever your clients want to DDOS in exchange for money. OR you can consider blackmailing website and tell them that if they do not pay a certain amount you will DDOS them. OR DDOS them first and tell them that if they pay up they will stop.

4. Referral programs

Basically things like your download to earn kind of thing. Basically command your entire army of slaves to join your referral program and you basically profit from there.

There are many more ways of profiting from botnets. But before we go there, you have to learn how to first set up your very own botnet. From there, learn to spread your botnet to infect people and gather slaves. This guide will basically teach you everything you need to know on setting up a botnet and spreading it.




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